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General Inquiries

Diabetes Education

Summa Health System offers diabetes education programs to assist those patients who are at risk for or are learning to live with diabetes. We provide the tools people with diabetes need in order to learn how to control their blood sugar through diet, exercise and healthy living.

Our diabetes education programs are approved and recognized for excellence by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the Ohio Department of Health. Located on the campuses of Summa Barberton and Summa St. Thomas Hospitals, the program’s primary goal is to help people learn to live with diabetes through education. We offer the resources to assist those patients who are newly diagnosed with diabetes or those patients who have been living with the disease to gain better control of their blood glucose.

Getting Started

A physician referral is required for admission to Summa Health System's diabetes education programs. If you are interested in participating in a program, please consult your physician. Education can be the key to controlling your illness and living a healthy, happy life. Let Summa teach you the facts about diabetes. For additional questions feel free to contact us.

About our educational sessions
Patients who participate in our comprehensive program undergo an assessment interview with a diabetes nurse-educator and a dietitian to determine the level of educational needs. After the initial assessment, the patient will attend group sessions. Individual sessions are available for patients with special needs. After the series of educational sessions, patients attend an individual follow-up appointment with the center's dietitians. Finally, follow-up calls from the center's staff gauge patient progress.

What you'll learn
The goal of the Summa diabetes education program is to provide you with the tools you need to live a healthy life and control your disease. You will learn about:

  • General knowledge of diabetes
  • Controlling high and low blood sugar
  • The latest diabetes research
  • Using diabetes medications including oral medication and insulin
  • Planning your meals, reading food labels every day, and dining out and traveling
  • Long-term management skills
  • General hygiene, skin and foot care
  • Prevention of diabetes-related complications
  • Managing diabetes during a brief illness
  • Community and health care resources
  • The benefits of exercise
  • Home blood glucose monitoring and interpreting blood glucose results
  • Daily living concerns and family involvement
  • The benefits and responsibilities of care
  • Educating your family
We encourage you to bring a family member or friend with you to class. The participation of support people will help you to commit to a healthy way of life.

Paying for services
Our program is recommended by the ADA which allows Summa to bill directly to all health insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid plans. Patients are responsible for expenses not covered by their insurance company; please consult your insurance provider before entering the program. Financial counselors are available. For more information, call us at (330) 379-5680.  

Learn more about Summa’s diabetes education programs by contacting us at any of our convenient locations.