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Existing home care patient inquiries

Is your loved one eligible for Hospice at Summa?

Patients who are eligible for hospice care are:

  • Summa Hospice Services Helping HandPatients who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and have a life expectancy of months rather than years
  • Patients that can no longer benefit from curative care and have agreed to a comfort-oriented philosophy of treatment
  • Patients and families that have agreed to care that is primarily home-based. "Home" may include the patient's home, a caregivers home or residential care facility (nursing home)

More Hospice Care Information

At Summa, Hospice isn't a place - it's a concept of care. Our team is always willing and available to talk to you about your specific situation and how we can help. 

Call toll-free (888)-886-1828 to discuss your options.

You can also view our Hospice at Home  page or reading our hospice FAQs for additional information.