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Summa Palliative Care Patient Testimonials

Sheri Myrick shares her experience with Summa's Palliative Care

Sethard Beverly and Sheri Myricks’ Summa health experience

On August 15, 2006, Reverend Sethard Beverly’s health took a turn for the worse. With issues stemming from prostate cancer and the end stages of Parkinson’s disease, his daughter, Sheri Myricks, contacted Fairlawn EMS, who brought her father to the Emergency Department at Summa’s Akron City Hospital. He was moved from the ED to Summa’s Acute Palliative Care Unit on the third floor of Akron City Hospital. Myricks was surprised to find the magnificence and serenity of the Acute Palliative Care Unit.

"Mom and I just gasped," Myricks recalled. "We were in shock and couldn't believe the beauty, much less the sense of peace and calm that the unit exuded."

The Reverend spent three and a half days on the Palliative Care Unit.

"The last hours of his life were beautiful," Myricks reflected. "I brought in some music to play softly – hymns played beautifully on the piano that I knew Dad would recognize – and was allowed to play it. Summa's Acute Palliative Care Unit is a place that soothes the body, mind and soul – a place that helps not only the patient, but the entire family."