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Summa Center at New Seasons

Working to Eliminate Health Disparities in our Communities

Summa Health System is committed to transforming the care you receive. We recognize that health disparities exist in our community. Health disparities are preventable differences in disease that impact how frequently a disease affects a group, how many people get sick or how often the disease causes death. Health disparities can be related to gender, race or ethnicity, income, education, generation, sexual orientation or geography. The Center for Health Equity’s goal is to provide you with outstanding, quality care and identify, reduce and eventually eliminate health disparities to create health equity for all of our citizens.

Summa Center at New Seasons provides access to multiple programs, designed to provide the tools you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle. This community-based care will empower you to play a proactive role in your healthcare, through chronic disease management, nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle education services.

In collaboration with three board-certified primary care physicians who deliver comprehensive care for the entire family, from infants to seniors, we want to empower you to take responsibility for your own health. We encourage you to build a strong relationship with your healthcare provider to help improve your health status.

All patients are welcome; we accept most forms of insurance.

At Summa Center at New Seasons, there is a true sense of community. Voices are heard, information is continuously shared between patients and physicians and your needs are addressed. We will not only treat your disease and illness, but we will guide you through the healthcare system so that all of your care is coordinated. Whether you require a primary care doctor, or have needs that require chronic disease management, lab services or more, you can call this center your medical home where all of your healthcare needs are managed by one team.

Become an active participant at Summa Center at New Seasons by taking advantage of our services:

Knowledge is Power
Sometimes it may seem difficult to talk with your doctor. Do you feel rushed or forget to ask questions? Perhaps you didn’t understand what the doctor was saying and need clarification. Here’s your chance to expand your knowledge so you can make appropriate healthcare decisions for yourself. We can teach you to recognize the warning signs of serious illness and learn how to navigate a healthcare visit successfully.

FREE Nutrition Courses
Healthy nutrition is a cornerstone of good health. We offer a FREE eight-week course that will educate you about healthy food choices and food safety. Participate in cooking classes in our full demonstration chef’s kitchen. We can help you make better decisions related to nutrition, stretching food dollars, increasing physical activity and more.

FREE Courses on Diabetes Management
Chronic diseases present many challenges in care. Register for our FREE six-week course that will teach you how to manage the challenges of living with diabetes and improve your health. Courses for other chronic diseases, such as arthritis, depression, high blood pressure, asthma or heart and lung disease are also available.

Join Our Community
Join the discussion with physicians, patients and other community leaders. Help us identify viable solutions to existing community health problems. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the community and improving care.

Call the Center at (330) 865-5333 to register for any of these valuable programs. Also, learn more about our location details.

Did You Know?* Examples of Health Disparities

• African Americans are twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes as non-Hispanic whites.

• African American men and women are 30% more likely to die from heart disease than non-Hispanic white males.

• African Americans have the highest mortality rate of any racial or ethnic group for all cancers combined and for most major cancers.

• Residents of the inner-city and rural areas sometimes receive worse quality of care.**

* U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health
* * National Healthcare Disparities Report, 2010