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Patient Information

Medical Weight Loss Program

Summa's Medical Weight Loss Management Program is for those patients who either do not meet all of the criteria necessary to qualify for surgery, or for those patients who are interested in a "non-surgical" approach to weight loss. This comprehensive weight-loss program focuses on weight reduction and a healthier lifestyle through changes in eating, exercise and behavior.

Assessment & Commitment

All patients entering the medical program begin by undergoing an evaluation by a physician. Following medical clearance, patients may enroll in the six month program.

All patients receive an individualized plan for eating, exercise and behavior modification. Throughout the six-month program, patients will complete: 

  • A nutrition assessment with our program’s dietitian. 
  • A class that reviews the important role exercise plays in a successful weight loss management program and assists you with developing an individualized exercise plan. 
  • A behavioral evaluation by our psychologist to determine whether there are any underlying eating behaviors contributing to your weight problem. Additional counseling is available for ongoing behavioral assistance to achieve your goals. 
  • A series of five intensive weight loss group sessions. 
  • Five additional visits with our physician to monitor your progress and make any changes needed to your medical weight loss program. 

The goal of the medical weight loss program is achievement of weight loss through modification of diet, exercise, intensive management of eating behaviors and lifelong monitoring of a healthy weight lifestyle. 

All physician visits are billed to insurance. Co-payments due for physician visit are due at each physician visit. The fee for the six-month program is $200. All fees are due at the time of enrollment.

For more information about Summa's Medical Weight Loss Management Program or to schedule your initial evaluation, call (330) 375-6590.