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Patient Information

Behavioral Weight Loss Management Program

Summa Health Systems’ Bariatric Care Center now offers a behavioral weight loss management program which focuses on your needs and helps you change your eating habits.

As part of the program, all patients receive a plan for an individual eating behavior modification and will participate in:

  • A behavioral evaluation by our psychologist to determine whether there are any underlying eating behaviors contributing to your weight problem.  Our behavioral weight loss psychologists will help you identify triggers that lead to overeating and learn tools to cope with depression, anxiety or stress so you can change your eating habits. 
  • A series of five intensive weight loss group sessions.

Our Behavioral Weight Loss Management Program provides a safe, supportive environment that helps you recognize eating patterns and make behavior modifications to achieve weight loss through a tailored and individualized approach.

Often a continuous cycle of overeating combined with diabetes, high blood pressure, erratic emotions, a fast-paced stressful lifestyle and/or untreated depression can be a major road block for those trying to lose a significant amount of weight. With the right treatment and support at our Bariatric Care Center, you can lose weight and change your eating habits.

Is this program for you?

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, our Behavioral Weight Loss Management Program may be just the right solution for you:

  • I am overweight.
  • I am struggling in my efforts to lose weight.
  • I am trying to make changes in my eating and exercise habits but I feel I need more help.
  • I feel as though I often eat in response to my emotions.
  • I feel that sometimes I eat large quantities of food and I am unable to stop. Eating.
  • I struggle with depression or anxiety, and feel that it is related to my weight.
  • I have other medical conditions caused by my weight. i.e., diabetes, high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnea, heartburn or reflux disease.
How to enroll and get started on your journey to weight loss
  1. Call (330) 375-6590 to schedule an appointment for Summa’s Behavioral Weight Loss Management Program. An information packet which includes a food log and questionnaires will be mailed to you after your appointment is scheduled.
  2. Complete the information include in the packet. Fill in the questionnaires and maintain a food log, recording everything you eat for 3 days prior to your appointment.
  3. Set-up an initial evaluation. Bring your questionnaires and food log with you to your initial evaluation. This information will help you and your psychologist recognize triggers that can contribute to overeating. The psychologist will talk with you and review the information, then make recommendations about a personalized treatment plan. 

Meet the BehavioralWeight Loss Management Program team.