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Chuck Gough's Weight Loss Surgery Story

Chuck Gough had never seriously considered weight loss surgery. He thought bariatric surgery was an option reserved for other people – until he attended an informational seminar about weight loss surgery at Summa Health System.

What he learned that day changed his mind about bariatric surgery.

Chuck realized that weight loss surgery offered not only a solution for his weight gain and mobility issues, but that the surgery could help him get his diabetes under control.

“I was taking two oral medications and one shot of insulin twice a day to control my diabetes,” he said.

A Life Changing Weight Loss Seminar

By attending the Bariatric Care Center seminar, Chuck Gough took the first step of a journey that would not only transform his body – but change his entire life.

To learn from Chuck how weight loss surgery changed his life and put him back on the road to good health, watch Chuck’s video below.

Can Weight Loss Surgery Help You?

Learn more about how you can join Chuck on the road to better health. Call (330) 375-6590 or register online to attend a weight loss surgery educational seminar.

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