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Patient Information

Date of surgery: 2/24/05

Total Weight Loss: 133 lbs
Jane had a Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and lost 84% of her excess body weight. She has become healthier, and her esophageal reflux and arthritis have resolved.

"Before deciding to have bariatric surgery, I had tried so many diets. I yo-yoed up and down and really wanted a way to lose weight so I could move more easily.

Since the surgery, I’ve been able to buy clothes at regular stores, can fit easily into airplane seats, and have greater self-confidence about how I look.

From the very first visit, everyone on Summa’s Bariatric Care team was supportive. They helped me get financial approval, helped me with the classes, and were always smiling and offering encouragement.

The monthly support meetings were very helpful. At these meetings, we shared advice about behavioral modifications, coping with holidays, offering support to each other, and sharing recipes."