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Patient Information

Initial Evaluation: 2/05

Date of Surgery: 7/5/05

Surgeon: John Zografakis, M.D.

"I was 27 years old, weighing nearly 350 lbs…Something was very wrong with this picture. Everything in my life was great, with the exception of not being on the inside what my outward appearance represented and never being able to get physically healthy. I began realizing that my career, my emotional well-being and ultimately my life would go nowhere if I didn’t find a way to lose weight and be able to maintain the loss long-term.

My senior year of high school, I weighed 312 lbs. I was always very involved in many school and community activities, never realizing the true reality of my weight until I was in college, where attempts at dieting never seemed to 'stick.' After college, I joined Weight Watchers for the first of many attempts. At one point during a ten-year span of attempts at dieting, I somehow lost 70 lbs, but weighing 280 lbs was nowhere near where I needed to be. Before long, the weight was back on, and I started to pursue weight loss surgery quietly, as I knew that my family would be skeptical at best to hear of my interest. I knew deep down inside that if I had this 'tool' that resulted from the bypass surgery, I could have the success I longed for.

After learning that Summa Health System was beginning a new program, my research and interest grew. By January of 2005, I was ready to bring those closest to me deeper into the fold and encouraged them to attend an informational meeting with me to learn more. As we left the meeting, it was very clear that there was no other option, and I began to pursue the surgery full speed ahead. I was surprised at first, but knew that the facts and statistics spoke for themselves. At that moment, I think I realized that in order for my life to be long and fruitful, that the surgery was the right answer. My initial consultation was in February 2005, and after a few minor hurdles the surgery took place on July 5, 2005.

The time has flown since the surgery, and I can’t begin to explain how amazing my life is, partly because of the person I was able to become. I feel great and have such a different perspective on life. I have two boys that get to enjoy their dad to the fullest extent, and I get to enjoy them without the worry of tiring too quickly or not being able to keep up with all of their energy and activities. Everything just seems right, and knowing that I’m finally more in control makes any second guessing or skepticism about the operation irrelevant. I always tell people that the surgery isn’t for everyone; it truly is a personal decision. However, there are plenty of resources, information, and a truly committed team at Summa’s Bariatric Center to help the decision become an easy one."