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Tom's Weight Loss Success Story

Tom Bilcze was overweight and inactive a majority of his life. His excess weight led to a heart attack followed by triple bypass surgery. Tom quickly realized something had to change. He researched a number of possible weight loss solutions and decided to seek help at Summa’s Bariatric Care Center.

After weight loss surgery, Tom began to shed pounds and keep them off with a new active lifestyle, healthy diet and the support of Summa’s team of weight loss experts.

Along the way, he even found a new passion for cycling. 

A Couch Potato to an Active Lifestyle

Tom has many challenges when he was overweight. Watch his story and learn how Summa Health System's Bariatric Center changed his life.

Do you have questions about bariatric surgery?

If excess weight is keeping you from living an active life, call Summa’s Bariatric Care Center at (330) 375-6590 or register online to attend an educational seminar.

Also, you can watch more bariatric surgery success stories and learn how Summa Health System’s Bariatric Center has changed lives.