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Elbow and shoulder

The risk of upper-extremity degenerative injuries increases in a population that remains active in recreational activities well into its 60s and beyond. There are a multitude of shoulder and elbow injuries that can prevent individuals from living an active, pain-free life.

Patients have access to Northeast Ohio’s largest group of elbow and shoulder surgeons thanks to Summa Health System’s partnership with Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center.

Our specialists treats shoulder and elbow conditions in patients ranging from pediatrics to senior citizens, covering every kind of complex condition, including:

• Rotator cuff
• Shoulder replacement
• Fracture repair
• Instability of the shoulder

Our orthopedic specialists have more experience than other surgeons in the Akron area, and perform thousands of procedures each year. Many of our shoulder and elbow specialists have completed fellowships, enhancing their education and experience.

Our surgeons cover conditions in the shoulder that include tendon transfers and fracture work, as well as joint replacement, rotator cuff and instability surgeries. They also perform arthroscopic reconstructions.

One procedure, reverse shoulder replacement, can offer patients with an irreparable rotator cuff and no overhead function the ability to improve their range of motion and eliminate pain.

Not every condition requires surgical reconstruction. Summa Health System has skilled, non-surgical professionals to tailor a treatment plan specific to a patient's condition. For example, some rotator cuff patients can be treated non-surgically with a modification of activities, physical therapy, injections and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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