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Have you been living with recurring back pain? Is it affecting the way you live your life? A spinal problem may affect your entire body. Often, people live unnecessarily with spinal disorders for decades. The spine surgeons at Summa Health System can prevent a spinal disorder from worsening, or reverse or stabilize your condition.

Your painful back can be the result of many events, including:

  • Fracture
  • Injury
  • Years of heavy lifting
  • Genetics
  • Traumatic injuries

Our surgeons can treat back pain in a variety of ways. Often, surgery is not the first choice, and your doctor will discuss non-surgical treatment options with you. If surgery is necessary, our spine specialists can perform delicate procedures involving minimally-invasive techniques that may lead to more rapid recovery.

Treating the full spectrum of spinal conditions, including spinal tumors, trauma, infections and degenerative conditions, our specialists are part of a full-service, tertiary care hospital with four fellowship-trained surgeons with more than 60 years of experience. 

Each surgeon performs hundreds of spine procedures each year, including:

  • Spinal fusions
  • Complex reconstructions
  • Revisional spine surgeries for a various spinal disorders
  • Microscopic procedures — and less invasive surgeries — which may lead to less postoperative pain for the patient as well as a more rapid recovery

Each of our spine specialists has the knowledge and the expertise to improve your quality of life. We can help you live your life without limitations so you can return to your normal activities. Schedule an appointment by calling (888) 826-0539.