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Summa Health System has the expertise to handle the most complex trauma cases, from fractured femurs to conditions that include multiple injuries to all extremities.

We staff an orthopedic trauma service that includes Eric Miller, M.D., a fellowship-trained orthopaedic trauma surgeon. He performed his fellowship at Parkland Health & Hospital System in Dallas, the nation's first accredited Level 1 trauma unit.

Dr. Miller brings a dedication to treatment of all types of trauma, along with a core of orthopedic surgeons who care for the most severely injured patients at Summa Akron City Hospital’s Level 1 Trauma Center. The Level 1 Trauma Center designation is only available under the strictest of guidelines. It means the hospital can provide all resources necessary to treat the entire spectrum of care for the trauma patient, from orthopedic conditions to life-threatening injuries to all bodily organs.

Summa Akron City Hospital is the only hospital in Ohio that has the Starr Frame, which allows skilled physicians to perform minimally invasive surgery on the pelvis. This type of procedure can prevent the need for larger open incisions of the pelvis, increasing the rate of success and decreasing the rate of potential complications.

Our surgeons can handle the most complex traumatic fractures through the Level 1 Trauma Center and provide comprehensive care for any traumatic condition in any age group. They have the ability to treat acute injuries and any long-term after effects, helping patients resume or approach normal lives with full functionality.

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