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Debi Halasa and Daughters

Debi Halasa had minimally invasive weight loss surgery at Summa. She was in the hospital for only two nights, her pain was minimal, she healed very quickly and was back to work in three weeks.

“People are very much shocked when they hear that you have five small incisions,” Debi explained.

After the experience her mother had, both Allison and her sister decided to have their surgery at Summa, too.

“They take such good care of you there,” Allison recalled. “They really make you feel like you are an individual; to them, you’re not just another patient.”

Now the women compare their scars and are glad they turned to Summa for their care.

“I would not go to another hospital other than Summa,” Debi exclaimed.

“For anything,” Allison concurred.