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John Seaburn

When John Seaburn received a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer) he was referred to a surgeon at Summa Health Center at Wadsworth-Rittman. While John had a very good first impression, he chose to get a second opinion elsewhere before committing to surgery at Summa Health Center at Wadsworth-Rittman. After doing so, he made the decision to have the surgery close to home with a doctor he knew and trusted.

"I was diagnosed in December, had two surgeries, and I was back to work in February. I can’t say enough about my care. My surgeon was just great, that’s why I’m sitting here today.” exclaims John.

It’s important for patients to feel at ease with their doctor and have confidence in the doctor’s expertise. The doctor-patient relationship can be critical to a quality outcome. You can choose where to have your surgery. John chose Summa Health Center at Wadsworth-Rittman.