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Tim Newman

Akron physician Tim Newman remembers the moment he knew he had a hernia. “It was almost a year ago. I play trumpet in a brass choir for church, and I had to play a long high note. I pushed very hard and actually felt a twinge.” Because the hernia was small, he continued for months playing trumpet as well as basketball and baseball. “But after about a year, it became more symptomatic. It bothered me when I was active in sports, and I said I have to get this taken care of.”

Even though he lives and works in Akron, Tim chose the surgical team at Summa Barberton Hospital. “I was looking for laparoscopic surgery and knew a surgeon there who was seasoned in those procedures. I knew the hospital and the administrator. He’s always run a good quality program there and he picks good people. I trusted my surgeon’s judgment and his care. I never considered going anywhere else.”

As a physician himself, Tim was anxious to get back to work as quickly as possible. That’s why he chose to have minimally invasive surgery, which typically offers shorter hospital stays, less blood loss and scarring, less chance of complications and a faster recovery. “They actually started through the belly button and inserted a fiber mesh over the hernia, then stitched it in place to prevent reoccurrence. The staff at Summa Barberton Hospital was excellent. It was everything you want…efficient and caring. They treated me like an individual. It’s always odd being the patient, and I really appreciated the good care.”

Tim was equally pleased with the speed of his recovery. “My surgery was on Friday. I was in and out of the hospital the same day and was fine by that afternoon. On Monday, I was able to return to my normal activities and my profession, and that was invaluable to me.”