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Clarissa Santana, Health Equity Patient

Thanks to the program, she felt like she wasn’t alone

Clarissa Santana


Clarissa: Early on in my pregnancy, I was experiencing some depression, and I was pregnant with my fourth daughter. And so they referred me to the CenteringPregnancy Program at the Summa Health Equity Center.

After seeing the psychologist in the program, she helped me through it, and I was just fine. One of the highlights for me was definitely the sisterhood among the other expectant moms, and I just felt like I wasn't alone in it. Clinical visits are also a part of the program, and I got to meet Dr. Johnson and get to really know her. And I know that she really cares about me. I've recommended CenteringPregnancy to so many other women because it helped me, and whether they're struggling or having a great pregnancy, it would be beneficial to all of them.

Miss Angelina just actually celebrated her first birthday, which is a huge milestone. And I actually feel like I'm a better mother because of CenteringPregnancy Program.


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