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Bethany Leslie, Maternity Patient

New mother experiences a "dream" birth, even during the pandemic

Bethany Leslie


Bethany: I remember when we first found out we were expecting. My husband and I were so excited to prepare to welcome our first child. We read all the books and did all the research, but there was no chapter about giving birth during a pandemic. We weren't sure what to expect going into a hospital setting during this.

While we were at Summa, we definitely felt safe. All of the appropriate measures were taken for social distancing and keeping everyone healthy. The staff at Summa was absolutely incredible. They truly embraced us and encouraged us and treated us like family. We truly believe that God hand selected every single person in that room.

I would say that we had the dream birth experience. Everything happened exactly as it was supposed to. We wouldn't change anything. And now we have little Finn to show for it.


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