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Mariah Hunt

Mother finds empowerment and support through Centering Parenting Program

Mariah Hunt


Mariah: My name is Mariah Hunt. I am coming to my weekly Centering Parenting class. We come every other Wednesday. I'm here with my son Machiavelli who is six months, and my daughter Mckayla who is three.

Ericka: We developed our Centering Parenting Program to help the mothers throughout the first year of their babies' lives, to make sure that they make it to their first birthday healthy and happy. We talk about everything from nursing, to how to baby proof a house. We do healthy cooking classes for mom and baby.

Mariah: You leave knowing that you know enough as a mother, which is very important because we don't get told that a lot as a mom. I feel like I am a better mom because of the Centering Program. It's really empowering, and I've never experienced anything like it before. It's a true sisterhood.

Ericka: With the assistance that we offer and the love and care that we give, we are able to help them understand that giving birth and giving life is an amazing thing.

Mariah: I love it. I love it. I have not missed a class since I've been here.


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