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Nesrene Clossman

Mother of four appreciates Summa's new birthing center

Nesrene Clossman


Nesrene: I knew as soon as I found out I was expecting that I would also be having this baby through the midwives at Summa.

So when I heard Summa was opening a new patient tower, I was hoping that my baby would wait. And she hung on three days late, past my due date, so I could deliver in the new labor and delivery unit.

We have a really large family and the new unit is very expansive. And my husband was able to be there throughout the entire labor and delivery process, and that just really speaks volumes to how Summa values the family-centered care.

One of the labor and delivery nurses knitted a hat for me to give to Layla. Everyone there just made it a welcoming experience to have my baby there.

We always planned on having three kids, and we had four, so she's kind of our bonus baby that we got to have a brand new baby in the brand new hospital.

So, "you're so special Layla, huh?"


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