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New mom filled with joy

New mom filled with joy


I went into labor on my due date. We needed the help of a doctor near the end, and Dr. Johnson came in at the very end and helped us and I got this beautiful baby Francis out of it.

And the nurses up there, I mean truly they are angels. Julie, one of the nurses from Maternity, called in the middle of the night because she was worried about my daughter. Someone I didn't even know 72 hours ago was laying awake worrying about my kid. They were out of this world fabulous. I kept on thinking where does Summa put their grumpy employees because I haven't seen a single one of them. They are all just so nice. The people who brought me my food every day were so nice.

We just wanted to do the best we could with Francis. We can't wait to get back to the Maternity ward. Knock on wood. Once you have one you think oh this little girl needs a sibling.


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