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Olivia Kurcsak

Mother of five finds comfort in maternity services

Olivia Kurcsak


Olivia: My husband and I had four children, and then we found out we were expecting our fifth, it was an easy decision for us to head back to the Summa Maternity Program where we had delivered the other four.

Summa's new hospital was beautiful. Everything was so nice and new and it was just a beautiful space. They had everything that you would need to be comfortable with your birth. Their new laboring tubs are beautiful huge tubs if you want that for comfort in your labor.

My husband was able to be with me through the whole process. It was homey and comfortable for us. The postpartum area there was plenty of room for him to spend that time with me as well after the birth.

My midwife Bobbi was so helpful with my birth of Hazel. She was just very caring and compassionate and made sure I had a safe and comfortable delivery as I brought Hazel into the world. Hazel makes baby 5 for our family, and we keep going back to Summa so they must be doing something right.


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