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Sarah Fister

Midwifery delivers an amazing experience to a beautiful family

Sarah Fister


Sarah: When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, we heard about Summa's midwifery program, and we met the midwives, and we loved them. And we have delivered four healthy babies through them. Yes. I love the midwifery program.

Summa's midwife program included my whole family. My husband was very involved. My kids got to be involved. Because my husband was my coach too, so Bobbi helped teach him how to love me through having a baby.

Bobbi was right there with me through every pregnancy. She's very gifted at knowing how to deliver babies, and she's very respectful and kind and gentle.

One of my favorite parts about the midwife program is that they allow you to listen to your body. So you are not just laying in a bed delivering a baby, but I actually was able to deliver one of my daughters standing up. And this little man was the most beautiful delivery out of all four of my kids. I was very peaceful, it was very calm... I loved it.

Having four little children is so fulfulling. It's crazy, it's chaos, but it's so much fun. It is really a blast.


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