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Shelby Smith

Overcame addiction with help from Summa's Centering Pregnancy Program

Shelby Smith


Shelby: I was struggling with opioid addiction when I found out that I was pregnant. And I found out about Summa's Centering Pregnancy Program. Centering is a spot for pregnant women who are struggling with addiction. So we all had something in common. It was like a sisterhood. We all went through this together. Having a baby inside you and struggling with addiction, it's so hard. Addiction can be a very selfish disease. The Centering Pregnancy Program taught me that it's not about me any more. It's about my child.

Dr. Roulette made it his priority to care about not only me but my unborn child. If I was to see him today, I would give him a big old hug. Yeah, I love Dr. Roulette.

Through Summa's Centering Pregnancy Program, I found me again. I learned to become an amazing mother. That program saved my life.

Kelsy was born October 21st of 2016. She's my everything. Everything I live for.


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