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Jason Steadman, Pride Clinic Patient

Excited to live his life as the person he truly is

Jason Steadman


Jason: I first started struggling with my gender identity in my younger teens, and that caused me a lot of anxiety and depression when I was younger, and I struggled with that for years. But then I came upon Summa Pride Clinic and they got me on the path to transitioning.

Before I arrived to Summa Pride Clinic, I was terrified. As soon as I walked through the doors, all those fears went away. With my first visit with Dr. Hamler, he genuinely wanted to know who I was as a person, and he wanted to get me where I needed to go. The team at the Pride Clinic have been amazing, from Carson, he sets up my appointments, to my nurse, Pam, who has honestly felt like a second mother to me. They made me excited and not so scared of the process.

If someone's watching, they know that this is a good place that you can go and that there's a trusted person that you can rely on. The Pride Clinic has honestly changed my life. I am excited to live my life as Jason, as who I actually am.


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