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Kace Walker, Pride Clinic Patient

After suffering from endometriosis for years, Kace received quality care and now feels great and looks forward to more days with no pain.

Kace Walker


Kace: What brought me to Summa Pride Health Clinic originally was my transgender healthcare. Immediately I felt at home, everybody was just so welcoming. They made me feel comfortable and respected, I love the team there. They're great.

I was suffering from endometriosis for several years prior. They referred me to Megan Cesta in Gynecology, and Dr. Welch in Colorectal. Dr. Cesta is the one who performed my laparoscopic procedure and now we are monitoring my condition. I feel great and I look forward to more days with no pain.

One of the things I like best about the Pride Clinic is that I have access to all the healthcare providers in Summa Health. I have the best healthcare. I just feel like a kid again, you know? I got that spirit back and I'm just happy to be a patient here. I feel heard. I feel welcome.


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