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Adelle Madison, Mother of Jesse Madison, Epilepsy Patient

After receiving a vagus nerve stimulator implantation at Summa Health, Jesse is more alert, and his seizures are shorter and less severe.

Adelle and Jesse Madison


Adelle: This is Jesse, my son. Jesse is 28 years old and Jesse was born with a chromosomal anomaly. Jesse has nonverbal autism and he also has uncontrolled seizures.

Jesse is a patient at the Complex Care Clinic at Summa Health, and it was through the Complex Care Clinic that we were introduced to Dr. Marvin Rossi. He recommended that Jesse have a VNS implant which is a vagus nerve stimulator, and it sends stimulation into the brain to help shorten or stop seizures.

Jesse is more alert. The seizures seem to be shorter and not as powerful when they do happen, and Dr. Rossi is very kind and warm to Jesse. Jesse's very comfortable with him. He smiles a lot when we're in the office with Dr. Rossi and Dr. Rossi is just one of the wonderful team at Summa Health and to have this kind of care available is brought just a level of peace that I know that he's in the care of such wonderful people.


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