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Bambi Miller, Stroke Patient

Appreciates that, during the scariest time in her life, the Summa team treated her with kindness

Bambi Miller


Bambi: I was a happy, healthy 59-year-old woman, and then I got double vision, couple seconds of double vision. And I was petrified. I went to Summa Health Green ER, they did a cat scan, and within 20 minutes told me I had had a stroke. I had a stroke.

It was at Summa's main campus that I came under the care of Dr. Bowling and her team. And she is a gem among gems. She's a phenomenal woman. She is an angel. And the team that is with her from ICU to Three West, every one of them, phenomenal, personable. Fortunately, they were able to manage my case with medication, and surgery wasn't needed.

During the scariest time of my life, that team treated me with kindness, treated me like I was a person, like I was a member of their own family. I know I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for Dr. Bowling and her outstanding team of nurses. Thank you all.


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