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Debra Davis, Brain Aneurysm Patient

Shares how coiling procedure saved her life

Debra Davis


Debra: I was at friends, and we were playing games, and out of left field, this severe headache just came on, and I couldn't see and I was scared. And my friend said right away, let's, we gotta get to the hospital. And they took me to Summa Barberton, where they did a C-scan and they discovered I did have an aneurysm. And at that point they transferred me to Akron City.

Dr. Anand and his neurology team quickly determined that I needed to have a coiling procedure, which is where they take a wire and go up through my groin, up to the back of my head, which is where the aneurysm was. And they insert coils in there to stop the bleeding. That procedure saved my life.

Once I fully recovered, Dr. Anand said, "Go and live your life". So I'm gonna go ziplining.


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