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Diane Capretta, Neurosurgery Patient

Was finally able to walk again just hours after spine surgery

Diane Capretta


Diane: I had had problems with right leg weakness for some months, and all of a sudden, I was losing the ability to walk even with a cane. My arms became weak. My legs were very weak. I had no idea what was wrong with me, and I was scared to death.

I did some research for neurosurgeons, and I found Dr. Borsellino at Summa Health. He looked at the x-ray of my neck and he said, "Your cervical spine has collapsed." He had me in surgery 11 days later. Dr. Borsellino reconstructed my cervical spine by removing one of the bones, three of the discs, and replacing them all with titanium cages. Within hours of the surgery, I found I was able to walk.

It's like a miracle to get your life back, and that's what Dr. Borsellino did for me. He gave me my life back again, him and his team. And now it's been four months. I can walk a mile a day, I can kayak, and the best part, I can play with my granddaughter.


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