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Jeannie Hamilton, Stroke Patient

Thankful that TPA “clot buster” worked like a miracle

Jeannie Hamilton


Jeannie: My daughter and I are musicians, and we were practicing one evening. All of a sudden, I could not see the left side of my music. My daughter immediately called the EMS in Akron, and they came just in minutes, and we went then to Summa hospital, and that's when we met Dr. Bowling, and she was on a monitor in a robot, and she was just ever so friendly. It was like she was right beside me.

She determined that I'd had a stroke and so, she got her team together to give me the TPA, which is a clot buster. That worked like a miracle. I knew that God had planted these people in my path to take care of me.

You know, I'm 84 years old and the best thing I heard from the doctor was I could play my saxophone again, and that's music to my ears.


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