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Ray Wozniak

Stroke patient is thankful for the gift of time

Ray Wozniak


Ray: I was playing racquetball like I do four days a week, and during a match all of a sudden I had a stroke. My teammates had EMS there and they took me to Summa right away.

When I arrived, they say that time is brain, and like clockwork Dr. Venizelos came in and performed a thrombectomy right away to remove the blood clot.

As soon as they finished the procedure right there on the table, I asked Dr. V. when can I go back and finish my game of racquetball. I felt that good.

Dr. Venizelos, he's an angel. He did save my life. And he brought me back to where I am now. And I think the man upstairs put him there for me. When I wake up I thank God. He's given me another day that I'm able to do what I can do. And the staff at Summa, they've given me that opportunity to do it. And I can't thank them enough.


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