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Rhonda Weber

Stroke patient describes her physicians as “the best of the best”

Rhonda Weber


Rhonda: It was an ordinary day. All of a sudden I felt woozy, couldn't talk, and then I couldn't walk very well. My husband rushed me to Summa. They were waiting for me, checking me out, asking me questions, and there was a robotic doctor there virtually who ordered the clot-busting drug.

The scans showed that I had had a stroke, an ischemic stroke. Honestly I had never been faced with my own mortality before. I didn't know if I was gonna survive it. Dr. Silver determined that I needed four stents, and that opened up the blocked area of my heart. When I was in the unit I went into atrial fibrillation, and that was the cause of the stroke.

As a former nurse, I would describe Dr. Varian, Dr. Silver, and Dr. Bowling as the best of the best. All three of them contributed to saving my life, yes. I think God put them in my life for a reason. Yeah, I'm back.


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