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Rod and JoAnn Carmer

Fast emergency stroke care saves lives

Rod and JoAnn Carmer


JoAnn: I noticed that Rod was starting to have some unusual symptoms like he was losing the use of his right side. And he was not answering me. He could not talk.

Rod: The words that she was saying made no sense.

JoAnn: We went of to the emergency room at Summa City Hospital, and that's where the wonderful care started for him.

Rod: The professionalism and the care that I got in that emergency room was unbelievable. It just make you feel like this is where I need to be for this. As it turns out, I was diagnosed as a stroke.

JoAnn: I will be forever grateful to both Dr. Bowling and Dr. Finelli because they let me keep my husband, and they definitely saved his life.

Rod: Anyone having stroke symptoms, don't wait. Go to Summa. You can't beat them. Bless them all. I'm back to doing what I love the most. Sharing my music with anybody who takes the time to listen to it.


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