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Steven and Susan Oswald

Grateful for quick, compassionate teamwork during a stroke

Steven and Susan Oswald


Susan: It was just a normal day for me. I met with some friends.

Steven: And all of a sudden, she gets a pain in her neck and a terrible headache. And quick so we got her in the car and rushed her to the Summa ER. They told us that she had a bleed on the brain.

Susan: I wake up several days later in a hospital, and I find out I've had two brain aneurisms and two strokes. The care that I received at Summa was just amazing.

Steven: Dr. V. and Dr. Bowling were clearly working together and it was a team effort to try to get Sue the best care possible.

Susan: People really showed that they cared about us and that they wanted me to get well. We know that the Lord led us to the right hospital.

Steven: Summa is a gift to the community. If they weren't that close she would not have made it. They are a blessing to the community and a gift to the community. I love her.


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