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Doctors Day

Summa Health annually celebrates National Doctors Day in recognition of our 1,000+ employed and affiliated physicians and residents.


In Honor of Doctors Day 2023

Thursday, March 30, is National Doctors Day, an annual opportunity to recognize Summa Health System’s 1,000+ employed and affiliated physicians for their leadership in the prevention and treatment of illness and injury. This year, more than ever, please take this opportunity to share your gratitude for the exceptional skill, dedication and compassion Summa Health physicians show to our patients, their families and our communities.

Submit a Note of Appreciation

Please use the form below to submit a note of appreciation to our Summa Health physicians. If there is a specific doctor that you or a family member may see as a patient (or work alongside as a colleague), please include his/her name. We'll post some of your "thank yous" on our website and through our social media channels.

When you want to say more than “thank you,” recognize your doctor with a gift in his or her name while helping other patients in our community. As a nonprofit health system, Summa Health cares for all those in need of healthcare in our communities, even when they cannot afford it. Your gift of any size helps us to fulfill that mission. To make a gift in your doctor’s honor, donate online or call 330.375.3159

Thank you…and thank you, Summa Health doctors!

Notes of Appreciation

A big shout-out to all my Summa Health physicians - Dr. Muriel Tabet and Dr. Jennifer Silvey - for all the great work they are doing for me and all those who come to Summa Health in need of high-quality, compassionate care. THANK YOU!  

-Angela A.

Love to give a HUGE appreciation to all the Family Medicine Physicians at 55 Arch St. Suite 301. All of you are amazing and it truly shows! Keep up the great work for our patients and the staff!

-Carla M.

Thanks to Cardiologist, Dr. William Bauman for the excellent care he and his staff have provided me over the past four years, specifically on April 17th, 2019. On that date, I was rushed to Summa with a major heart attack. Dr. Bauman was in the Cath Lab to greet me and did what he does best. That was to save my life. My thanks that such a great doctor was on duty on that date.

-Michael S.

Huge Appreciation to Dr. Ferraro, Dr. Davis, Dr. Newey, Dr. Mackey and Dr. Jack for all they do for our wound care patients at Barberton. They go above and beyond every week! Our patients and staff love each of them. Thank you!  

-Joetta S.

Thank you Drs. Junko and Bartell. Dr. Junko did surgery on my ankle and took excellent care of me. And Dr. Bartell is my primary who is the most patient, professional and friendly primary provider I have ever had the privilege of seeing.  

-Geneva S.

I am so very grateful for all of Summa and particularly for my family doctor: Dr. Jeffrey Monteith. He is an amazing doctor. To say that he saved my life would not be an exaggeration. 

-Russ B.

I would like to recognize the faculty and residents at Barberton Family Practice. I myself have been a patient there for 24 years and have trusted them with all my children and many family members. IT IS A WONDERFUL PRACTICE♥️ 

-Rosann W.

Thank you Doctor Dan. You have helped me change my life. Your career choice is making a difference. 

-Susan B.

I would like to thank the summit health oncology team Dr Jacob and Regina and also the surgical staff and Dr. Schleter. Also the team who administers transfusions, and the elderly volunteer who bought me tea and cookies, nice touch. 

-Carol J.

Dr. Gary Machado, my family appreciates you keep up the good work!


Thanks to all the doctors that has helped me. 

-Beverley K.

I would like to thank Dr Cristina Peter's for being a caring, knowledgeable and compassionate doctor

-Gary P.

A great big THANK YOU to cardiologist Dr. Mark Iller and his staff. Dr. Iller is my late Mother in Laws cardiologist, my Mothers Dr, my Dr., and most recently became my best friends Cardiologist, saving her life after needing an emergency procedure the same day as her Ultrasound. Dr Iller is top notch and I highly recommend him. We appreciate his sincerity and the time he takes to explain things to us. His staff are all very friendly and it’s always a great experience seeing them.  


I would like to thank Dr. Kristina Gulotta for being such an amazing surgeon and human being. She educates me on all the options available and takes the time to answer all my questions. She is a trusted health partner and the world would be a much better place if all doctor and patient relationships were this open and transparent. Thanks Dr. Gulotta!!  

-Pamela F.

Cancer is not a fun word to hear. I was in total shock when I learned at age 45 I had Stage 4 colorectal cancer. I want to thank my team of doctors that have gotten me through this first year. Dr. Welch, Dr. Cocieru, Dr. Manson and Dr. Doncals. It was a crazy year of radaiton chemo, and 4 surgeries. They all have showed me patience, kindness, caring, and worked as a team to help me with my battle with cancer. They are my heros and I truly believe collectively they saved my life. These are true professionals and very thankful to have them as my doctors. 

-Carole C.

Thank you to my large team of Summa doctors looking after my health. I am not the easiest patient as I have strong opinions of what I will do or won't do no matter who tells me to do it. I hope I don't miss anybody in this thanks. Thanks to my cardiologist, Dr. Loretta Isada who helped me and my husband Larry during a scary time for him, to Dr. Shaun Rine, to which I am always giving a hard time, yet he has been patient with me and saw me through a medical crisis this past Fall, to Dr. McShannic's office who keeps a close eye on my carotid arteries and thus my brain health, to urologist ,Dr. Bogdan Orasanu, who offered solutions to a problem I was having, though I chose not to proceed with them, and to Senior Health Dr. Audra Krebs of whom I am not a patient, but my husband is and we are still making adjustments to each other's way of thinking. I do not doubt her sincerity in trying to offer solutions to what she believes are threats to my husband's health, we just don't agree on what that is. She is offered an apology for my panic and accusations this last week over a misunderstanding of what she was trying to do for my husband.  

-Kathryn S.

Dr. Tyree and Dr. Mahesh are wonderful doctors. I'm so glad I found Dr Tyree. Then she referred me to Dr. Mahesh. I couldn't be happier with my team of doctors! Thank you! 


Thank you to Dr.Chelsea Kennedy-Snodgrass. She is kind, patient and caring. Not all doctors make personal calls to their clients. When I get a call from Dr. Kennedy-Snodgrass, I know that she is taking a personal interest in me. And, for that I say "thank you". 

-Josephine J.

I giant shout out of appreciation to all the Summa Cardiology physicians. Thank you. 

-Beverly B.

I have 3 special Doctors I would be so happy and appreciative of sending love on this and everyday. Dr Van Fossen, Dr Said, And Dr Goebel.

-Lynda Y. 

I'd like to thank my Primary Dr Colin Drolshagen for being so patient and understanding with both my mom and myself. He's been amazing and helpful these last few years. Also Dr. Irene Dejak at weight management helping me along with my weight loss journey. Next is my favorite Ortho Docs, Dr Nilesh Shah and Dr Ryan Combs for getting my through my knee replacements. Thank you all for helping me live a healthier and happier life. 

-Dana S.

I would like to thank and recognize Dr. Bob Crawford. For almost 40 years he has given our family the best in care. Whenever we need him, he is always there for us and we appreciate it so much. Thank you Dr Bob!

-Steffani F.

I have been lucky enough to have so many great Doctors! I would personally like to thank all of them. Thank you is not enough for all you have done for me. ♥️ Dr. Andrew Chema, Dr. Cocieru, Dr. Souza, Dr. Dankoff, Dr. Samilluh and Dr. McShannic. I have been so lucky to have all of the best!!! You are absolutely amazing. Thank you again, Paula  

-Paula S.

My appreciation goes out to Dr. Greg Manson at Cooper Cancer Center. He is always attentive to my needs and concerns. I’m very grateful that he is my oncologist. Thanks, MacDuff!  

-Karen S.

Thank you to the WMI surgeons and all of the care they give our patients and for being great to work with!  

-Barbara N.

A big thank you to my doctors! Dr. Katie Tater and Dr. Brad Moore. Both are excellent at what they do. So caring and compassionate. Always there when I need them. Summa doctors are the best! 

-Debra T.

To Dr. Z and everyone at the Weight Management Institute - thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the support and encouragement before, during and after my surgery in July 2022. I look forward to each appointment! 

-Michelle T.

Shout out for Dr. Anand Desai at Cooper Cancer Center! He is thoughtful, thorough and caring. If you have to have radiation, he is the guy to see. Thanks!  

-Karen S.

SHOUT OUT to the physicians at Summa Health Cuyahoga Falls Family Practice!! Thanks for all you do for your patients and staff!!! <3  

-Aeryal S.

Thank you, Dr. Zografakis for giving me my life back! Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for you!!! 

-Erin M.

To Dr Jennifer Silvey, Thank you for being not only my PCP, but my shoulder to lean on during this difficult time for me. Appreciate you. 

-Garnet H.

Huge THANK YOU to Dr. Dawn Hubbard at Rootstown Primary Care! As my PCP (and my family), and colleague, I cannot ever say Thank You enough for always taking care of her patients. She consistently finds time in her schedule to see patients , whether she has time or not! Her patients always come first! This does not go unnoticed and she is greatly appreciated by all, especially me!  

-Theresa H.

Big shout out to our Radiation Oncologists-Dr. Desai, Dr. Doncals and Dr. Streeter. They work tirelessly to cover 3 campuses on a daily basis. They are so knowledgeable and compassionate with our patient population. We receive many positive comments regarding their care on Press Ganey surveys. We all work together as a cohesive department to provide the best personalized collaborative care for our Oncology patients. Thank you for all that you do!!!!! 

-Sue N.

Sending a HUGE THANK YOU to all the doctors at Family Medicine-main campus and especially Dr.Howe for promoting a culture of communication, teamwork and acceptance!! We are grateful for all you do for us!! #FMCROCKS 


Endless thanks to the many core physicians supporting the Sepsis Program. Without your dedication and willingness to sacrifice your time / energy, the program would not have had the many great successes we've experienced. Looking forward to another great building year in 2023 with my outstanding team of physicians! Dr. Quentin Reuter, Dr. Mike Chandler, Dr. Gwen Hughes, Dr. Spike McCorkle, Dr. Charles Zonfa, and the many physicians who are an integral part of the Sepsis Committee. Happy Doctor's Day!!!  

-Michelle E.

Thank you, Dr. Dawn Hubbard, for taking amazing high-quality care of myself and my family. You deliver care with compassion and empathy. You are the BEST!!  



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