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Why Become a Doctor

National Doctors Day 2023

Today’s healthcare is more complex than ever. Advancements are being made in medicine all of the time, providing doctors with more information, more protocols, more tools and more technology than ever before. As a doctor myself, I know how challenging it can be.

That’s why Thursday, March 30, is such a significant day. Celebrated across the country, National Doctors Day is an opportunity to shine a light on dedicated, hard-working physicians and acknowledge the incredible impact they have on patients, communities and organizations. In every city and every hospital, throughout our military and within our rural communities, doctors pave the way to better healthcare for all patients. 

The motivation behind becoming a physician varies as much as the doctors themselves. Some just know, since the moment they first picked up a toy stethoscope, that they want to help people feel better. Others experience a catalytic event that changes their career goals forever. Whatever the initial reason, most physicians will agree that being a doctor means so much more than they ever expected. Being a doctor means surrounding yourself with passionate, talented people who have committed their lives to a purpose that’s greater than themselves. 

This Doctors Day, I would like to personally thank the more than 1,000 employed and affiliated physicians, residents and fellows here at Summa Health – as well as our nurses, respiratory and physical therapists, medical technicians, CNAs, PAs, lab techs, EMTs and so many others – for working together to put our patients first, time and time again. Thank you for your long hours, your compassion, and the efforts you put into practicing medicine every day. And thank you for continuing to raise the bar in the healthcare industry by always striving to provide the highest level of care.

I invite everyone throughout Summa Health to join me in expressing gratitude to our physicians by posting an online message now at There, you can also view a Summa Health Doctors Day video featuring members across our organization sharing their thoughts and heartfelt appreciation.
Happy Doctors Day 2023!
Cliff Deveny, M.D.
President and CEO 

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