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SUMMA PARAMEDIC EDUCATION PROGRAM will begin a new eleven-month class on Wednesday, January 3 2024.  The classes will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6PM - 10:00PM.  If you have not taken a full A&P course within the last 3 years (with a grade of C or better), we will provide A&P for the first six classes on Monday and Wednesdays starting November 27, 2023. If you have taken A&P and meet the requirements, the first day of class is Wednesday January 3, 2024.

Twelve hours of clinical experience are required each week bringing the total time commitment for the program to approximately 24 class hours per week.  Total didactic, clinical and field internship hours will be approximately 980 hours.  The schedule will include a few partial day classes and one overnight class throughout the school year plus approximately eight weekday-daytime clinical commitments (example:  Rotations in Surgery, Burn Center, etc.).  Total hours may vary for each student based upon clinical competencies obtained.


The program for the certification of Paramedic is fully accredited by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS; number 324, Accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs ( upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP).


The tuition for the PARAMEDIC program is $5,600.00 plus book and lab fees (listed below). Payment is due prior to the start of each of three Trimesters (January, May and August). Tuition may be paid in three trimesters. The State/National Registry examination fees are included in the third trimester tuition.  Book fees will be A&P - $125.00; Trimester I - $550.00; Trimester II - $225.00. Lab fee $175, National Registry fee $160 for a total cost of $6835. The required book and lab fees should be paid separately from tuition fees.


For an application, please contact our office (330) 375-9514 or visit our Website for an On-Line Application. (See below).


Applicant (at least 18 years of age) must submit application with $25 check (made out to Summa Health System/Paramedic Education; which is non-refundable under any circumstances) with CLEAN, CLEAR COPIES of the documents listed below to our office by 11/3/2023. Completed Legible Application:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent (GED)
  • Current Ohio EMT Card or an Advanced card.
  • Current American Heart Provider Course CPR Card –both sides.
  • Proof of completion of a full A&P Course taken within the last 3 years (with a grade of C or better) will be accepted in lieu of the A&P course.
  • Valid Driver’s License


    PRE-ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS MUST BE COMPLETED BY November 3, 2023 which include completion of the online pretest.  Passing scores on the pretest for acceptance in the PARAMEDIC Class include a reading level >9th grade, math score >70% and Paramedic readiness score >65%.   

    The On-line Pre-entrance exam information will be sent after we receive your completed application and $25 application fee.


    After passing the pre-entrance exam, a notice will be sent to you containing two Reference Evaluation Forms along with the following information which must be returned by the date of your interview.

  • Reference Evaluation Forms, one to be completed by your EMT instructor; the other completed by your prehospital service medical director, operations director, work supervisor, or someone who has known you for at least two years other than immediate family.



  • Pass the pre-entrance exam with required minimum scores.
  • Must be available for an interview with the Staff of the Paramedic Program in September, October or November of 2023.
  • Personal health history and physician physical exam (forms provided upon acceptance).Documentation of immunization history will be required upon acceptance into the program.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination series & Influenza Vaccine.(Commencing by the first night of class).
  • Must be fully vaccinated for COVID19 by first night of class-(Medical Exemptions-evaluated by Summa Employee Health are available)



  • Following successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible to take the state-certifying exam, which is the National Registry Written and Practical Exam.Upon passing both portions, the graduate will receive both the National Registry Paramedic and Ohio Certifications.The National Registry certification, if kept current, will allow the Paramedic to receive Paramedic status in certain states with minimal testing.



  • Paramedics are readily employed by private ambulance services, Fire Departments and some hospital emergency rooms.There may be some other areas of service with a PARAMEDIC license.We do not offer job placement by our office but we do receive notices of job opportunities, which we make available to student and graduates.When applying for the large, full-time paid Fire Departments, applicants are usually given additional points for having a PARAMEDIC certification.


Please make your check or money order for $25.00 payable to SUMMA PARAMEDIC EDUCATION.  Address all correspondence to: Summa Paramedic Education, P.O .Box 2090, Akron, Ohio 44309-2090.




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