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One-in-Six Foundation: Helping detect prostate cancer before it's too late

This story originally appeared in the Summer 2022 edition of Promise magazine.

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Laura Hunsicker is passionate about the early detection of prostate cancer. Her late husband, Bruce, was diagnosed in 2004 with inoperable, metastasized prostate cancer at 50. After his diagnosis, Bruce founded the One-in-Six Foundation. At that time, one in six men was estimated to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. Today, that number has decreased to one in nine with the help of organizations like the One-in-Six Foundation.

“Bruce wanted to find a cure and help others detect prostate cancer before it was too late,” said Laura. “So we focused on raising funds to support research initiatives and early detection by providing access to free prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing in the Greater Akron community.”

With a gift from the One-in-Six Foundation, Summa Health recently launched a pilot program that serves underinsured and uninsured patients at high risk for prostate cancer giving them access to an MRI. With an MRI, abnormalities are more easily detected, so a physician can perform a targeted biopsy for diagnosis and formulate the best treatment options.

“I think Bruce would be proud of the work of One-in-Six; I know I am,” noted Laura. “We’ve impacted so many lives.”

For additional opportunities to support the Summa Health Cancer Institute, contact Jessica Hudson at 330.375.4762 or


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