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Q: How would you describe the commitment of attending physicians at Summa?

A: When you’re choosing a program, the most important thing is the attendings. At Summa, they’re so committed to teaching and spending extra time with residents…For me, it’s about trying to be as good as they are.

Asad Shah, M.D.
Resident, PGY III

Q: Why did you choose Summa over other residency programs?

A: It’s so supportive -- everyone’s friendly and willing to teach. It was very important to have autonomy to manage my own patients…We come up with an assessment and the attending gives suggestions and ideas, but otherwise we’re kind of on our own, which is a good thing.

Christine Peters, D.O.
Resident, PGY I

Q: How are the lectures, grand rounds and conferences?

A: It’s very different than the Philippines. Noon conference is an informal didactics on a single case. We hear about the dilemma in making a diagnosis, proper treatment, long term planning after discharge…As a resident, these are valuable things because every week we have new guidelines and data.

Jon Tomada, M.D.
Resident, PGY II

Q: Why do residents like Summa’s call system?

A: There’s been a major change…the greatest number of hours is 16 in one shift. Otherwise all calls are 12 hour shifts…the call system is definitely a strength of the program. Compared to 24 hour shifts – I’m not as tired and feel like I have more time to study and prepare for my Internal Medicine boards.

John Scrocco, M.D.
Resident, PGY III

Q: How does the program help you balance family life?

A: They helped me arrange my schedule – rather than starting with ICU or CCU or med team. I have 5 kids, and it’s a real balancing act – I chose Summa because of the schedule. Overnight call is usually 12-13 hours or a max of 16, so you come in about 6 pm and leave the next morning around 7…I can spend time with my family and study and do things I need to do.

Mark Arredondo, M.D.
Resident, PGY III

Q: What are the benefits like at Summa?

A: There’s a very competitive salary. You get free food, free parking, free health benefits. We get $800 for educational expenses, books, money to travel to conferences and $1600 in the third year…Vacation time is generous -- 3 weeks per year and 5 days off for Christmas or New Years, plus an extra week for conference time.

Erica Stovsky, M.D.
Resident, PGY I

Q: What are your responsibilities as a transitional intern at Summa?

A: We do 4 months in general medicine – admitting patients to the hospital. We do our morning rounds, at lunch we break for conference, then finish our work from 1-5 doing discharge summaries, tying up loose ends. Other responsibilities depend on the rotation…I think it gives me a broader idea of what medicine really should be.

Kevin McDonnell, M.D.
Transitional Year Intern

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