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Sleep Medicine Services

Are you persistently fatigued or have episodes of falling asleep unintentionally? Can you fall asleep at bedtime, but often wake during the night and are unable to go right back to sleep? It may be that you have a sleep disorder. Summa Health Sleep Clinic offers solutions, both physical and behavioral, to help you overcome your sleep disorder.

On the behavioral side, sleep psychology is a behavioral science that focuses on thoughts, behaviors, and/or emotions that may be interfering your ability to get a good night’s rest. A sleep psychologist does not prescribe medication but rather aids in providing you with healthy habits and strategies for sleeping.

Strategies in sleep psychology include retraining your mind and body for consistent, restful sleep. Some approaches to aid in sleep include changing habits around eating, exercising, and what to do if you cannot fall asleep after going to bed.

This type of treatment also provides ways to re-evaluate your thoughts associated with sleep and other areas of your life that may be causing stress.

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