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Special Programs

For many terminally ill people, their pet is a lifeline of support. Pets provide companionship and alleviate loneliness. Pets can also help to reduce anxiety and stress. But when a person is ill, caring for a pet can become a challenge. Money for pet food and care items such as litter may not be available in a budget that is already stretched thin by medical expenses. Physically, the pet owner may be unable to provide routine care such as outdoor walking, feeding, litter box cleaning, grooming, veterinary care, or going to the store for needed pet supplies. This is where the Pet Peace of Mind® program can help.

Hospice of Summa offers the Pet Peace of Mind® program to assist hospice patients in caring for their pets. This program—funded through a start-up grant from The Banfield Charitable Trust—recognizes the important relationship between patients and their pets, and is designed to help hospice patients and their families and/or caregiver(s) to care for their pets at a time when pet owners are least able to do so.

If a patient and his or her family and/or caregiver(s) needs help meeting the needs of their pet(s), the Pet Peace of Mind® program can ease the burden by providing funds for items like:

  • pet food
  • litter
  • routine veterinary care
  • grooming
  • preventive medications for heartworms, flea and tick control
  • temporary boarding in the event of an emergency

Through the Pet Peace of Mind® program, hospice staff and volunteers purchase and deliver much-needed pet supplies to the patient’s home and help hospice patients to continue to enjoy the love and companionship that only their pet can provide.

Benefits of the Pet Peace of Mind® program include:  

  • Improved quality of life for the patient and caregiver;
  • Reduced financial burden associated with pet care costs;
  • Increased sense of control for the patient and caregiver;
  • Enhanced opportunity for nonthreatening assistance to the patient and caregiver; and
  • Excellent possibility for relationship building between hospice staff/volunteers and patient/

For more information about Summa’s Pet Peace of Mind® Program, call Hospice of Summa at (330) 379-5197.


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