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Timely Tips

It’s All About the Mind

There are changes that occur in the brain as we age. Dementia, depression and anxiety are not normal. There are many ways to help people living with these problems continue to be as active and independent as possible. Read below for more information and tips to keep your or your loved ones’ brains active and healthy.

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Caregiver Corner

Many older adults rely on friends and family to help with day-to-day activities. Anyone who helps another person function independently (e.g. provide transportation, pay bills, cook, do laundry, etc.) is a caregiver.  Read below to find ways to help care for yourself or your loved one.

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Planning for Your Healthcare

As the age of retirement approaches, healthcare issues such as supplemental insurance and necessary legal documents may cause increased concern. Here we offer several short articles to help you understand some of these issues, as well as offer suggestions for self-care.

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Normal Aging and Wellness

We all want to be healthy and active as we grow older. There are some concrete things you can do to decrease the risk of injury and increase the probability of a healthier life. Here we offer tips for healthy aging.

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Medication Management

It is very important that you and your caregiver have a clear understanding of your medications, their purpose and side effects. Here are some tips to make it a little less confusing. While your prescriber and pharmacist screen for possible drug interactions, it is up to you to inform them of any annoying or ongoing issues.

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Community Resources

There are many resources available to you that provide resources you need, such as such as home care, adult daycare, transportation, Meals on Wheels, companion and respite service, devices for patient care and walking, medically indicated household repairs/additions for safety, and veterinarians and pet groomers who make house calls.

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Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.