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The Importance of a Current Medication List

  • Keep a current list of your medications with you at all times so that in case of an emergency serious medication effects can be avoided.
    • When someone is admitted to the hospital or comes to the emergency room unexpectedly they frequently have difficulty remembering all of their medications during this ‘crisis.’
  • Do NOT stop taking any medication without first consulting your prescriber.
    • Stopping medications suddenly can cause serious side effects.
  • To avoid these effects, keep the current list with you. It should contain:
    • The date it was updated, the name of the medication, the dose, when you take it, why you take it and who prescribed it.
    • Be sure to include any over-the counter and/or herbal medications.
    • Have the phone numbers of your pharmacy and primary care provider on the list.
      Medications List
  • Share the list with ALL of your healthcare providers.
  • If you have a computer or smart phone, consider using one of the medication applications that help you keep a current medication list.

Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.