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Why Choose Summa

Summa Health Seniors offers an integrated approach to senior healthcare that enhances quality, access and outcomes for this patient population. The institute supports innovative care delivery models contained in healthcare reform legislation, such as accountable care organizations and the medical home.

As one of the first such models implemented in a community teaching hospital setting, the Institute is attracting national attention. Results demonstrate it represents a viable, cost-effective senior healthcare delivery system that has value for patients, physicians and the health system.

Summa is one of the very few hospitals in the nation to receive multiple grants from the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Obtaining funding and conducting research helps the Institute refine and implement programs and services that are vital to senior health.

Summa Health delivers high quality care more cost-effectively, as demonstrated by outcomes data which shows:

  • Shorter lengths of stay
  • Lower inpatient readmission rates
  • Reduced emergency department visits
  • Decreased use of medications associated with a high risk of side effects for seniors
  • Fewer post-discharge permanent nursing home placements compared to national statistics

Senior Health achieves these results through a comprehensive menu of services that address the unique needs of older adult patients at every stage of care, from pre-hospitalization, throughout their hospital stay, to post-discharge.

Summa Health Seniors is renowned for advances made in the study of aging and the science of geriatric medicine. It serves as a model of care for dozens of other healthcare organizations nationwide.

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