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Patient Testimonials

Marge Arrant

"Summa has a positive attitude which allows me to have a positive attitude."
- Marge Arrant
Marge Arrant was driving from her home in Green to Akron Zoo, where she is a volunteer. It was a drive she made countless times, but this day was different. She arrived at a familiar intersection and wasn’t sure which way to turn. 

Marge had already made an appointment with Summa Health Senior Health Center on an unrelated topic. A full check-up at that appointment revealed that Marge had developed frontal lobe dementia – a term for disorders that primarily affect the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain – generally associated with personality, behavior and language.

Marge’s condition was diagnosed in the early stages of the disease, allowing doctors to slow the progression through medication and give her the opportunity to continue to enjoy a high quality of life. She remains active, still volunteering at Akron Zoo, and is a leader for a local weight loss group. She is not afraid to share her diagnosis with her family and friends.

Marge knows she has the support of her doctor, Dr. Kayani, and the entire Summa Health Senior Health Center staff. “I trust Dr. Kayani,” Marge emphasizes. “She listens, and that is very important. I have a positive attitude because they have a positive attitude.”

“Summa developed a care plan just for me.”

 - Betty Bell

When Betty Bell’s memory began to fail, her physician referred her to the Summa Health Senior Health Center at Summa Health System – Akron Campus. Using a team approach, a geriatrician, nurse and social worker evaluated Betty and developed an individualized care plan to help with her dementia. “We go every four months,” said her son Philip. They weigh her, do blood work, check her medication. “They take their time and explain everything. They just treat you like you are family.”

The Summa Health Senior Health Center coordinates every aspect of care to help patients and families cope with the medical, emotional and social problems of aging.


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