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On Labor Day

Preparing for Your Stay

We recommend packing two bags: one for labor and delivery, and one for use after your baby is born. Please leave valuable items including cash and jewelry at home.

In your “labor and delivery” bag, include the following:

  • Your health insurance card
  • Two bed pillows
  • Robe, slippers and socks
  • Relaxation music
  • Lip balm
  • Snacks for your support person
  • Tennis balls in a sock
  • Camera
  • Books, magazines or other items to help you pass the time
  • Focal point picture of object

Your “after baby is born” bag should include:

  • Two to three nightgowns
  • Going home clothes for you, including comfortable underwear, and for baby
  • Toiletries for you and your support person
  • Nursing bras
  • Baby book


Please visit our maternity visitation guidelines page for more information.


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.