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Services for Caregivers

medical caregiversCaregivers provide services and assistance to individuals who are too ill or injured to care for themselves. Many times, that person is referred to as a “loved one” because he/she most often is a family member: spouse, parent, partner, child or sibling. However, the term “caregiver” is universal and includes anyone for whom a caregiver provides care, comfort, support and other services – directly or indirectly.

Caregiving is often a full-time job – if not physically, then certainly psychologically and emotionally. Individuals who assume the responsibility of caring for another person are most successful when they:

  • Admit caregiving is not easy
  • Accept help when it’s offered or ask for help if/when they need it
  • Access community services (many organizations provide valuable services to caregivers as well as to those who need help)
  • Address their own needs

Recognizing a need to care for the caregiver as well as the patient, Summa Health System offers several programs designed to offer support and provide information to those who find themselves in the role of caregiver for a loved one.

A Circle of Care Program

In 2007, Summa launched a caregiver training program to meet the needs of those in our community who are caring for a loved one. The Circle of Care Program provides education and valuable information about available community resources that can help make caregiving for someone you love a less stressful and more rewarding experience.

Care Coordination Network

The Care Coordination Network (CCN) is a network of 27 extended care facilities in the greater Akron region. The CCN’s purpose is to improve the outcomes of patients who are transferred from a Summa Health System hospital to a skilled nursing facility (SNF). To become a CCN member, each skilled nursing facility must:

  • Achieve patient and family satisfaction scores of 90 percent or better
  • Receive satisfactory performance scores in an annual state survey
  • Demonstrate a commitment to implementing the policies and procedures established by Summa’s Care Coordination Network

IndeQuest Nurse Case Management Services

IndeQuest Nurse Case Management is a group of highly-specialized nurses who have partnered with Summa Health System’s medical professionals to provide geriatric case management services for older adults in the Akron region.

As an advocate for a patient, a nurse case manager is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of care, including health insurance coverage, function efficiently and effectively. A nurse case manager also can provide care directly or coordinate care on the behalf of family members who live some distance away from the person needing care.

A nurse case manager can meet an older patient’s needs in the areas of:

  • Communication: Explain treatment options and physicians’ recommendations to the patient and his/her family members. Schedule and attend physician appointments with the patient. Provide updates to designated family members and the primary care physician.
  • Medical Insurance Coordination of Benefits: Secure the documentation required for medical insurance reimbursement, submit medical claims to insurance providers and follow-up on claims processing, etc.
  • Direct Care Coordination: Schedule diagnostic medical testing, secure transportation to and from medical appointments, coordinate home healthcare services, procure home healthcare equipment and services and explain options for assisted living and nursing home care.
  • Medical File Review: Review medical file and answer questions. Arrange medical record transfers.
  • Health Coaching and Patient Education: Help patients understand their condition and treatment options. Explain medications, disease management and available community resources.

IndeQuest has more than 50 years of experience in all aspects of geriatric healthcare services.

Get more information about IndeQuest Nurse Case Management services by calling (800) 4-CASEMGR or make a referral online at


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