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Summa Health at Home Outcomes and Quality

Summa Health at Home utilizes several methods to assess quality of care and patient satisfaction.

All programs of Summa Health at Home seek feedback related to care and services provided to patients through the use of customer satisfaction surveys. Following a care episode, Medicare approved satisfaction surveys are sent to patients and/or caregivers. Several areas of care are explored through targeted questions, such as performance related to weekend and evenings, treatment with respect, communication, rating of care, etc.

Results from these surveys are compiled and trended by a third party vendor to assure complete confidentiality. Results are also compared to national and Medicare targets. These comparisons assist in identifying areas for improvement.

Both Summa Health Home Care and Summa Health Hospice meet or exceed performance expectations in several key areas:

  • Recommend the services of Summa Health Home Care and Summa Health Hospice
  • Rating of services as excellent
  • Response to needs in evenings and weekends
  • Education provided regarding medications

summa at home outcomes and ratings

Testimonials, Reviews, and Quotes From Summa Health at Home Patients and Caregivers

Summa Health Home Care: "Physical Therapist gave wonderful tips on up and down basement steps.   Very nice and Kind.  Gave me exercise. Felt like family to me!" - Jacqueline V.

Summa Health Hospice: "We were very pleased with Hospice. They were here always and when called, came immediately. Enough cannot be said about them. Thank you!" - Katherine B.

Summa Health Hospice: "The spiritual needs of this patient were met in a way beyond my expectations.  A volunteer brought communion to my Aunt and when my Aunt was too ill to receive communion, the volunteer prayed with her. This spiritual volunteer was one of the last individuals to be with my Aunt before she died.  This same volunteer then came to the visitation and funeral. Amazing and much appreciated!" - Laverne D.  ECF

Summa Health Hospice:  "You must stress to doctors the importance of offering this service.  It is excellent for the patient and caregiver.  I only wish I had it sooner. The 24 hour contact to a nurse/doctor was invaluable and at my Mother’s death, they handled things efficiently and with much care. I am grateful.  Please educate the general public more about your services." - Ginger P.

Summa Health Home Care: "I couldn't have asked for better care. If and when I should need your services again, I hope I can have the same crew. The nurse, the two therapists and aide were a great help and I was very pleased!" - Ruth I.


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.