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Patient Stories


Clarence Phillips

House Call Patient

90-year-old happy to still live at home thanks to Summa House Calls


Clarence: I'm 90 years old. I live in my own house thanks to Summa Health House Calls. I just love my house. If I wasn't here, I'd probably be in a nursing home or assisted living or something.

Summa helps me be active, stay active. Summa physical therapy had me doing weights 10 times, but I do 'em 20. When my Summa nurse comes, she checks my heart. She checks everything, gives me shots if I need it. I'm always glad to see the Summa nurse when she comes. They're all nice.

I've had Summa for maybe 50 years. They've been good to me. I want to stay with them the rest of my life. I hope I have a lot more to live.


Joe and Thelma Laney

Thankful for home care services


Joe: I am the heart repair expert. I can tell you anything that is to be done about a heart, because I've had it done. I've had a triple bypass, I've had stents, I've had an aneurysm repair. And I've had Summa Home Care taking care of me and they have just been wonderful.

Thelma: My hat goes off to Summa Home Care. I couldn't do without them.

Joe: You just feel so much more secure knowing that someone is available.

Thelma: And they enjoy coming.

Joe: Darla, she is more than just a nurse. She is a friend. I mean she takes care of business, don't get me wrong.

Thelma: Dr. Dunn operated on Joe. Isn't he cute? No I shouldn't say that.

Joe: For all the work that I have had on my heart, I'm hoping it's gonna last me for another twenty or thirty years. With Summa I think I'll make it. I guess I'm a poster child for Summa Home Care, and I love them.


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